There is an aspect of the human element that deserves to be captured visually and is often forgotten when telling a story. It is hard to capture emotion through words as though rehearsing a letter that only the heart knows. It can be an even taller task to do so in a way that connects your brand with your community and when the human heart is captured in a way that resonates it brings those two groups even closer.

This is where I love to spend my time. I want to challenge your perception that photography is just a deliverable and I want to capture your story so that it resonates with the human heart and evokes action. When most photography has taken on a similar aesthetic it is more important than ever for me to approach it as though my camera is the door to connectivity and each image has a powerful opportunity to engage.

Pick Up Vol. III

This is a limited-run print meant to share stories from my recent work and travel. It also makes for a great coffee table publication when you're done perusing.